NOSIRI training workshops and 1-on-1 sessions are accepted organizational approved professional development training and is an intensive and collaborative training that substantially elevates employee's confidence and their professional output. Individuals who are eager to propel in their professional skills and roles, elevate to new positions and leadership track positions are vastly encouraged to seek out professional development courses and workshops in speaking, confidence, leadership skills and allow their employer to pay for their training. This showcases the employee's constant growth and progress, and shows their ability to meet new challenges through professional development training.

"I highly recommend NOSIRI for coaching in all areas of Self-Esteem, Confidence, and Public Speaking training. NOSIRI has helped me tremendously in the past several years."-Randy E.

Washington DC & Maryland's #1 Empowerment Center *NOSIRI Empowers You*

Why Choose Us?:

NOSIRI is the only local Washington DC metropolitan area speaking program that offers confidence building "Intensive 2Days, 4Weeks, 6Weeks and 8Weeks" Workshop programs: allowing individuals to accelerate their speaking competencies, achieve their true desired outcome, & cultivate life-long changing success & growth.

You experience immediate results.
NOSIRI coaches & instructors are not just expert speakers, they hold Doctorates' and Masters' degrees in Communications and Confidence Boosting Methodologies.
NOSIRI is renowned for creating changes that last for a lifetime.
We make ourselves readily available to our clientele for quick coaching sessions to advance their success.
NOSIRI is the only coaching and workshop program that utilizes self-esteem, confidence & positive communication methodologies to propel communication skills & professional public speaking skills.
Our 1-on-1 tailored coaching will maximize your growth.
Interactive hands-on training for all ages. 
A proven method of training to empower learning regardless of your level.
Accelerated visual interaction, visual learning strategies, and acting techniques to help you learn faster.
Complementary "Empowerment Assignments" to follow up your training and guide you throughout your week. 
NOSIRI “Guarantees to focus on Empowering You”. We know that your self-esteem, speaking skills & confidence are vital components of your professional & personal life.  

NOSIRI Empowers You.

Customer Reviews

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19 Reviews.

"After just the New Client Interview the days that followed I went through a healing process. By openly talking to a non-judgmental person I was able to relieve some emotions. Thank you Dr. Nosiri" - Kenny

"Since my session, I definitely feel that I am able to approach situations in a more calm and collected manner." - H. M.

"Dr. Nosiri's Empowerment Center has made a big impact on my life. I'm learning things I never knew before. This is a very wonderful experience." - Nat. J.

"Since starting coaching with NOSIRI, I have already been able to see a change in the way I feel about myself and how confident I am and it feels good." - Abby Langston.

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