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Positive communication and empowerment are our practice. Public speaking training, self-esteem coaching, confidence consulting, leadership training, positive communication counseling in DC, Maryland, Virginia and online lessons and classes are NOSIRI Empowerment Center specialties.

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NOSIRI Empowers You

NOSIRI provides personal and professional growth training to cultivate an empowered life for each individual and organization. Through Dr. Nosiri's developed positive communication empowerment coaching methodology clients are able to build bridges to success in self-esteem, confidence, public speaking, and leadership skills, thus propelling their world. 

NOSIRI provides individual, team, and corporate coaching and consulting. We specialize in one-on-one self-empowerment coaching sessions and consultation for individuals, tailoring coaching to each client's needs. We offer group coaching consulting, workshops and seminars for corporate empowerment. Coaching is offered on a case-by-case basis.

Why Choose NOSIRI Empowerment Center?:

*You experience immediate results.
*We're renowned for creating changes that lasts for a lifetime.
*NOSIRI is the DMV's only coaching and workshop program that utilizes self-esteem, confidence and positive communication methodologies to propel communication skills and professional public speaking skills.
*A proven method of training to empower your learning regardless of your level.
* Interactive hands-on training for all ages, adults & kids. 
* Accelerated visual interaction, visual learning strategies, and acting techniques to help you learn faster.
One-on-One tailored coaching to maximize your growth.
* Complementary "Empowerment Assignments" to follow up your training and guide you throughout your week. 
* We “Guarantee to Empower You”. We know that your self-esteem, speaking skills & confidence are vital components of your professional & personal life. NOSIRI guarantees to Empower You.: Testimonials 

Customer Review: 
5 out of 5 from 10 Reviews

Customer Reviews

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5 out 5 of from
10 Reviews.

"I highly recommend Nosiri as a coach for all areas of Self-Esteem, Confidence, and Public Speaking training. It has helped me tremendously in the past several years." - Randy

"Therapy gave me the diagnosis and history of my issues but what I found here at NOSIRI is the treatment." - Judy

"After just the New Client Interview the days that followed I went through a healing process. By openly talking to a non-judgmental person I was able to relieve some emotions. Thank you Nosiri" - Kenny

"Since my session I definitely feel myself able to approach situations in a more calm and collected manner." - H. M.

"Nosiri Empowerment Center has made a big impact on my life. I'm learning things I never knew before. This is a very wonderful experience." - N. J.

"Since starting coaching at Nosiri I have already been able to see a change in the way I feel about myself and how confident I am and it feels good." - A. L.