Employer Pay for Professional Development Career Training

Employer Pay for Professional Development Career Training

Employers Can Pay for Professional Development Training

Does NOSIRI welcome employers to pay for staff member's participation in a workshop or 1-on-1 sessions at NOSIRI Empowerment Center?
Our workshops and 1-on-1 sessions are accepted as professional development training so we welcome organizational and company payments for a staff member's participation in our workshops and 1-on-1 sessions. Individuals are vastly encouraged to seek out professional development courses and workshops in speaking, confidence, leadership skills, and allow their employer to pay for their training.

Why is professional development training needed?
External professional development allows employees to work in multi-cultural environments, cultivate skills that would never be cultivated in work training setting. Such training as public speaking, strategic communication skills, confidence building coaching, interviewing skills, and effective leadership management training that NOSIRI Empowerment Center offers are intensive and collaborative training that substantially elevates employee's confidence and their professional output.
How can professional development training skills at NOSIRI Empowerment Center help me and the organization/company I work for?
Professional development is maintaining, progressively learning, and proactively growing your professional credentials through informal and formal learning opportunities. Companies who pay for their staff to grow through offering external professional development training programs, such a public speaking skills or leadership skills at NOSIRI Empowerment Center, allow their employees to perform substantially better, reach new heights personally and professionally, stay more focus on job task and happier at work, and prepare their employees for positions of greater responsibility. 

What are the core benefits of professional development?

Propels professional skills and positive performance.
Elevates individuals to new positions and leadership track roles.
Showcases constant growth and progress.
Illustrates ability to meet new challenges.
Demonstrates embrace of up-to-date and innovative knowledge.
Strengthens professional pro-activity and productivity.
What are the steps I need to take to get my employer to pay for my professional development training at NOSIRI Empowerment Center?
 Follow the below steps in order to request your employer to assist you in securing professional development training payments for a workshops or 1-on-1 sessions with NOSIRI Empowerment Center:
    STEP 1: Confirm with your supervisor or director that you are allowed to take external courses/classes and workshops for professional development.
    STEP 2: Find out your organization/company's procedures to get approval for external professional development.
    STEP 3: Contact NOSIRI for details on the workshop or 1-on-1 training you are interested in and request the information and invoice for your training be sent to the right person who makes payments for external professional development at your organization/company.
    STEP 4: After NOSIRI confirms that your registration has been reserved, get ready to EMPOWER YOURSELF!
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  "NOSIRI is a great public speech consultation company. They were able to help me and bring out the passion in my speeches, which was well needed in my election campaign. Thank you, NOSIRI!" - Kevin J.

Effective Communication Training:
We assist individuals in mastering the tools and techniques vital for 1-on-1 communication, group communication, and intra-personal communication, and promote effective communication strategies for business environments. Contact NOSIRI to find out more about our 1-on-1 effective communication training coaching and effective communication training workshops for leaders.

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