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Public Speaking & Presentation Skills:

NOSIRI provides public speaking courses, classes, presentation skills training workshop programs in Washington DC and Maryland, as well as, tailored 1-on-1 sessions and online lessons. NOSIRI public speaking, presentation classes and positive communication training allows clients to become professional speakers by overcoming vulnerabilities and emerge as confident assertive powerful speakers. 

"Amazing! Hands down, NOSIRI is the best place to learn public speaking and build your confidence!" - Thomas L.

  "NOSIRI is a great public speech consultation company. They were able to help me and bring out the passion in my speeches, which was well needed in my election campaign. Thank you, NOSIRI!" - Kevin J.

              "This was a great workshop that
                                helped me with communicating
                   in any environment." - Sherelle Hatcher


Public Speaking Confidence Workshop 101
Workshop  •  Hours  • Rates & Availability

4 Weeks - Saturdays: June 8th to June 29th        2pm-4pm - cost $955 
            A New Client Assessment (cost $53) is required for enrollment. 
To enroll, call us (240) 271-6098

4 Weeks -Saturdays: August 3rd to August 24th                      
2pm-4pm - cost $955 
            A New Client Assessment (cost $53) is required for
To enroll, call us (240) 271-6098


Public Speaking Social Anxiety Master Class
  Workshop  •    Hours  •   Rates & Availability
1 Day - 4Hours - Online - SaturdayJuly 6th from 10am-2pm - cost $700
   A book is required for this class, you can buy the book online (cost between $60-$70 on Amazon).
Conquer your fear of public speaking & social anxiety, while mastering the art of effective communication by seeing yourself through the eyes of the Global Individual.
Buy Book Required for Class 

To register click here:  

or call us (240) 271-6098


Public Speaking Confidence Workshop 102
Workshop  •   Hours  • Rates & Availability

4 Weeks - Saturdays: June 15th to July 16th         5pm-7pm - cost $955 
             A New Client Assessment (cost $53) is required for enrollment.

To enroll, call us (240) 271-6098

4 Weeks - Saturdays: July 13th to August 3rd
         12pm-2pm - cost $955                             
          A New Client Assessment (cost $53) is required for
To enroll, call us (240) 271-6098

To enroll, call us (240) 271-6098 



Persuasive Speaking Dynamics Workshop 101
  Workshop  •    Hours  •   Rates & Availability

4 Weeks - SaturdaysJuly 6th to July 27th

          4pm-6pm - cost $1,500
             A New Client Assessment (cost $53) is required for
To enroll, call us (240) 271-6098


NOSIRI is rated the best:
public speaking & presentation workshops
positive communication consulting
1-on-1 coaching 
leadership training
confidence consulting
intercultural communication courses 
Headquarters located in the Washington DC metropolitan area & online classes. 

Through Dr. Nosiri's SPEAK ® coaching program clients hone public speaking skills, eliminate fear, overcome performance anxieties and gain the ability to speak before any audience. SPEAK ® is the only program that utilizes acting, visual interaction, self-esteem methodology to hone speaking skills and cultivate passionate speakers and transform individuals to great speakers. Corporations that utilize the SPEAK ® program strengthen their group and team communication competencies.

Workshops: Training assisting you to truly cultivate the art of public speaking & develop dynamic professional speaking skills.
Enrollees present at every workshop. 
Only 4 to 6 individuals per class focusing on individuals' concerns.
Present to a public speaking expert & get professional feedback.

Workshops & 1-on-1 Sessions: Empower your speech and learn to communicate with any one any audience & anytime.
Eliminate anxiety & nervousness.
Resolve inter-personal/intra-personal communication challenges.
Hone communication skills internally and externally.
Speak with confidence.
Gain presentation skills.
Become assertive and gain your voice.
Build communication dynamics.
Resolve communication issues and resolve conflict.
Gain intercultural and cross-cultural communication competencies.

Adult Coaching & Kids Coaching sessions are private coaching and tailored to client's needs.

Public Speaking Classes DC & Presentation Training Maryland
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Public Speaking Classes in DC, Public Speaking Maryland, Presentation Training Courses in Maryland, Public Speaking Skills DC

Schedule a New Client Assessment by contacting us: 

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The New Client Assessment (cost $53.00, 30 minutes) is required before session enrollment.

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"Nosiri has provided me with the tools to
succeed in the public speaking arena. My sessions are always "wake-up" calls that have helped me tremendously not only boost my confidence, but also understand who I truly am." - Oscar T.


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