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NOSIRI Empowerment Center is renowned for its public speaking and leadership skills training, self esteem and confidence coaching, positive communication consulting in the Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia area and online lessons. NOSIRI is the only facilitator of the positive communication and applied empowerment coaching approach created by Dr. Chizoma Nosiri, which produces immediate, impactful long-lasting success for our clients. Our clients come from all over the world because of the coaching services NOSIRI offers that they can't receive anywhere else. We create positive empowerment changes that lasts for a lifetime. Read our clients' testimonials. We specialize in personal and professional development that enlightens each individual soulfully, spiritually and mentally. NOSIRI Empowerment Center is recognized for its unique coaching system, one-on-one personal and executive professional development programs, and kid-friendly environment.  

We do not wish to be the biggest center in the business – just the best. As a result, we take pride in everything we do and make ourselves readily available to our clientele.

Founder, Visionary & Leader:
Dr. Chizoma Nosiri has a Ph.D. in Communications, with emphasis in self-confidence and empowerment, and a M.A. in Organizational Communications. The positive communication and applied empowerment coaching approach is Dr. Nosiri's brainchild. Dr. Nosiri is renowned for her empowerment coaching in self-esteem, confidence and public speaking. She is known as a positive communication guru and for her international, cross-cultural and multicultural communication expertise. Dr. Nosiri is the number one empowerment coach for adults and kids in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Dr. Nosiri is a motivational speaker, positive communication expert and professor, empowerment coach, self-esteem guru, and founder of Esteem Yourself E-zine.

NOSIRI Staff: 
Our staff members hold Ph.D.s' and are experts in personal and professional development areas: 
self-esteem and confidence development, public speaking training, interview coaching, positive communications, presentation training, international-transnational and cross-cultural communications, and self-empowerment.

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The New Client Assessment cost $53.00 for 30 minutes, and is a required meeting and pre-screening before enrollment. New Corporate Client contact us for assessment fee. 

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NOSIRI guarantees to Empower You:

"Therapy gave me the diagnosis and history of my issues but what I found here at NOSIRI is the treatment." - Judy 

"After attending sessions at Nosiri Empowerment Center I was able to use the strategies taught in everyday situations and learn how to deal with stress, cope with anxiety, and show confidence. It feels great." -  Jake T.

"Dr. Nosiri has made all the difference in my life." - Debbie Yang


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