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NOSIRI self esteem coaching and confidence counseling sessions in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area and online are tailored one-on-one sessions. The self esteem coaching is focused on client's personal self-esteem needs, allowing clients to increase self worth, self love, self respect, self awareness, self trust, self reliance, and enhance a positive esteemed life.

NOSIRI's customized confidence empowerment training allows clients to build confidence, goal achievement skills, time management skills, organizational task & stress relief skills. NOSIRI positive communication mental coaching assists each client to overcome mental struggles, gain positive mindset, and enable peak performance in goals.

- Build healthy self-esteem.

- Increase your happiness and increase self-love.
- Become your best self and gain an esteemed you.
- Become motivated, take charge of your life & control your destiny.
Eliminate stress, fear, failure & overcome challenges.
Gain emotional control and manage anger.
- Remove anxiety and guilt.
- Increase unique professional style and professional image.
- Build courage, boldness, morale, & poise. 
- Build motivation to reach your goals and succeed in tasks. 

Adult Coaching & Kids Coaching sessions are private coaching and tailored to client's needs.

Self Esteem Workshops DC & Self Esteem Classes
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Myths About Low Self Esteem: Part 1

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The New Client Assessment (cost $53.00, 30 minutes) is required before session enrollment. 

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NOSIRI guarantees to Empower You:

"Nosiri Empowerment Center has made a big impact on my life. I'm learning things I never knew before. This is a very wonderful experience." - N. J.

"Thank you very much for everything. You have no idea how much of a difference you've made in my life.  My response patterns are much healthier." - Barb

"Since starting coaching at Nosiri I have already been able to see a change in the way I feel about myself and how confident I am and it feels good." - A. L.

"After just the New Client Interview the days that followed I went through a healing process. By openly talking to a non-judgmental person I was able to relieve some emotions. Thank you Nosiri" - Kenny

"Since my session I definitely feel myself able to approach situations in a more calm and collected manner." - H. M.

"My coaching sessions have been a wake-up call, a reminder." - Kassey

I have been able to use everything that I've learned from Nosiri Empowerment Center and I'm a lot happier." - Kelli M.    

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