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As expert interview coaches in the Washington DC and Maryland area, we provide job career interview coaching, college interview skills training, 1-on-1 mock interview sessions, interview skills lessons, interview presentation classes, interview tips courses, and interview confidence building. Here at NOSIRI, we pride ourselves on the remarkable accomplishments our clients have made as they secure jobs, internships, and university acceptances of their choices, as they follow our lead in the strategies we offer them during their interview training sessions.

"I still can't believe that I got the job! NOSIRI assisted me the whole way through. I became confident and I was ready for any question that came my way. It is because of NOSIRI Empowerment Center that I have this amazing job! Thank you for helping NOSIRI, I'm so grateful." - Ethan J.

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Headquarters located in the Washington DC metropolitan area & online classes.

Interview Skills:
NOSIRI interview skills training coaching lessons, classes and sessions in the Washington DC & Maryland area and online are structured to assist clients to overcome interview communication challenges and succeed in job placement.

Eliminate anxiety and fears.
Conquer poor interviewing habits & nervousness.
Master interview questions.
Create dynamic self-presentations.
Change boring interview styles to brilliant interview skills.
Master the art of getting the job.

Interview skills coaching sessions are 1-on-1 coaching and tailored to client's needs.

Interview Coaching in DC & Career Counseling
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5 Interview Strategies

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NOSIRI Empowers You:

"Working with NOSIRI allowed me to find my confidence. I had so many job offers afterwards, I turned them down till I was happy with the one I selected. NOSIRI made interviewing so easy." - Kim. L. M. 

"I was able to demonstrate confidence in myself and my skills. I got the job! Thank you NOSIRI Empowerment Center." - R. Ginger.

"NOSIRI identified the issues and gave us great consulting. She understood the needs of our children and developed a detailed strategy for improvement for university interviews." - P. M.

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