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NOSIRI social anxiety sessions and effective communication skills training and coaching lessons in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area and online are tailored to each clients communication development skills. NOSIRI social anxiety sessions eliminate social driven fears, overcome anxiety, promote courage, and elevate positive social outcomes. NOSIRI communication skills training allows clients to cultivate positive and effective communication skills to lead teams, organizations and companies. 

Public Speaking & Social Anxiety Master Class
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1 Day Class - check with NOSIRI for day & time - cost $770
   A New Client Assessment (cost $53) is required for enrollment.
Conquer your fear of public speaking & social anxiety, while mastering the art of effective communication by seeing yourself through the eyes of the Global Individual.

Book Required for Class (included in cost)
                                                                Lunch will be served.
To enroll, call us (240) 271-6098

"I feel like my eyes have been opened and now I can see clearly. NOSIRI has done that for me." - Pat D.

"Therapy gave me the diagnosis and history of my issues but what I found here at NOSIRI is the treatment." - Judy

Social Anxiety & Communication Training:
We assist individuals in mastering the tools and techniques vital for 1-on-1 communication, group communication, and intra-personal communication, and promote effective communication strategies for business environments. NOSIRI offers 1-on-1 executive communication coaching and executive communication workshops to assist clients in propelling their leadership style, strengthening their communication weaknesses, and cultivating effective virtual and in-person communication protocols so they can become a more effective leader.

Contact NOSIRI to find out more about our 1-on-1 effective communication training coaching and effective communication training workshops for leaders.

Executive Communication Training DC & Executive Communication Skills Maryland Classes

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