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Become A Great Public Speaker & Communicator

Public speaking, as well as, life and corporate communication are an art. Expert communicators are known to not just be the best in solving problems but the best in understanding others. Self-esteem and confidence are essential to becoming a great communicator and great communicator possesses healthy self-esteem and confidence. To be a confident, esteemed, amazing public speaker, and a great communicator you must learn the tools necessary to attract and engage others.

As the best life communication firm in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia area, NOSIRI teaches and coaches clients how to empower themselves and become great self and public communicator. In our Washington DC metropolitan area communication and public speaking consultation provides public speaking training and tips and hones client's skills to overcoming public speaking anxiety and build work, family and self-communication competences.

For public speaking tips, training and coaching schedule a coaching session at www.nosiri.com or NOSIRI Empowerment Center at (240) 271-6098.

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The Power of Communication to Build Self-Esteem

The power of communication is one that is under appreciated and in many cases underestimated. As defined by Wikipedia, communication is the purposeful activity of information exchange between two or more participants in order to convey or receive the intended meanings through a shared system of signs and semiotic rules. In addition, communication is an internal process, one that allows an individual to understand themselves, create self-awareness and promote healthy self-thought processes.

If you need to build self-esteem, if you need to develop the confidence to do any task, if you need public speaking tips, or if you need to build confidence in yourself NOSIRI is here for you.

For more self-esteem tips and coaching schedule a coaching session at www.nosiri.com or NOSIRI Empowerment Center at (240) 271-6098.
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Communication is the Tool.

“99% of the population is afraid of public speaking, and of the remaining 1%, 99% of them have nothing original and interesting to say.”  -  Jarod Kintz. However, the truth is that people have many things they would like to say and have no way of expressing themselves effectively. They simply lack public speaking skills to assert their believes and voice their opinions.

For more public speaking and communication tips, consultation, training and coaching schedule a coaching session at www.nosiri.com or NOSIRI Empowerment Center at (240) 271-6098.

NOSIRI Empowerment Center helps you create originality and the passion to public speak with confidence.

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Four Anger Management Tips & Skills to Stop Anger

Perceive anger as a destructive alternative. Before speaking allow yourself to see anger as it truly is. It shuts you down as well as others around you. Before speaking, first question your thoughts and emotions and decide to have a positive comment to make. If your comment will be negative simply do not say it and excuse yourself calmly. The more you practice this the easier it will be to have positive communication processes and speak without attaching anger. Second, look at your own personal life as a positive place where only positive can dwell. Believe that you are positive and the positive communication patterns will continue to flourish. 

Third, before you start a conversation value the person you are speaking with. Even if it means saying something nice about them to yourself. This will help you remember that everyone deserve respect no matter who it may be. You are speaking to them because they are as equally capable of understanding you as you are of understanding them. Speak with respect for you and for them.
Fourth, Remember to never let anger get the best of you. You are in control.

For more anger management tips schedule a coaching session at www.nosiri.com or NOSIRI Empowerment Center at (240) 271-6098.

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