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 NOSIRI Public Speaking & Confidence Intensive Fall Workshop Program for Adults

Whether you are looking to break out of the box of silence, speak up, gain confidence in speaking, speak as the leader you are, hone your public speaking skills or heighten your leadership skills through public speaking, finally a workshop program has been created to propel your success!

The NOSIRI 8 Weeks Public Speaking Intensive Fall Workshop Program is a group designed program to prepare adults ages 20 and up to become great speakers and presenters. This is a 2Hours, weekly program and workshop style training. NOSIRI is the only public speaking intensive workshop program in the world offering a truly 100% self-esteem and confidence boost to cultivate public speaking skills to promote positive communication strategies for a lifetime of success.

- Only 6 individuals per class focusing on individuals' speaking concerns.
- Train & present in front of peer group members in safe workshop setting.
- Obtain presentation techniques and improve communication style.
- Learn how to engage the audience.
- Gain confidence in your public speaking skills.
- Build self-esteem & assertiveness.
- Build public speaking skills through EA.
- Learn listening strategies to promote public speaking objects.
- Present to a public speaking expert & get professional feedback.
- Learn from advanced speaker guests who have overcome their fears of public speaking.

Contact us via phone at (240) 271-6098 to check availability as enrollment gets filled quickly.

Public Speaking Intensive Fall Workshop Program Rates & Availability


  1. 8 Weeks Program - 2 Hours per class

1st Group: Mondays 

 Oct. 9th to Nov. 27th - 6pm-8pm - cost $2,500  SOLD OUT

2nd Group:

 Oct. 10th to Nov. 28th - 6pm-8pm - cost $2,500  ENROLL

3rd Group:
Oct. 14th to Dec. 2nd - 10am-12pm - cost $2,500  ENROLL

To enroll, contact NOSIRI by filling out the form below and a NOSIRI representative will contact you.

NOSIRI 2017 Public Speaking Intensive Fall Workshop Program Form



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